b'RAPS AFTER THE REFERENDUMThe referendum revealed the sad truth thatas a nation, we have yet to reach that tipping point where most Australians understand our history and how it impacts the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.We know that when employees are engaged in their organisations RAP activities, that begins to change. Cultural awareness training helps them understand truths about our history. Aboriginal and Torres Strait employment and procurement strategies provide pathways to build Peter Morrisrelationships with First Nations people. Engaged employees Peter Morris is the General Manager are more active, brave and passionate about reconciliation.Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) programFor those newer to the RAP network, it is important to at Reconciliation Australia understand that the framework is sound. It has delivered While a constitutionallybetter outcomes for thousands of diverse Australian organisations for almost 20 years. The referendum outcome enshrined voice is out ofdoes not change the relevance of those strategies. But it reach for now, law firmsmight mean the community expects organisations to move must consider how tofaster, be braver and invest more resources to drive change. For those leaders in the RAP networkespecially Elevate enshrine the principleand Stretch RAP partners who have been at this work a long of voice in their owntimethere is an increased responsibility to act courageously to advance progress on the five dimensions. The result poses governance practices.important questions for those partners, Are you committed 14'