b'20 OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCE20223 3 AAuussLLSSAA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENTSU SUMMARSUMMAY AND HIGHLIGHTS:RY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARSUMMAY AND HIGHLIGHTS:RY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUSSTTAAIINNAABBIILLIITTYYPR As a firm Carroll & ODea promotes equality and well-being in theWe are committed to reducing our environmental impact and PROOFFIILLEEwork place. Initiatives are in place to ensure staff can easilypromoting sustainable practices across our offices. Through communicate with one another on both a workplace and social level.the implementation of our sustainability policy, we have The firm holds regular Linkers Zoom /Teams Meetings, where staff arecreated a framework for understanding and managing our invited to come together and voice any concerns or practicalimpact on the environment, including by conducting green suggestions for improvements that could be advantageous to theaudits, to evaluate adherence to our sustainability policy. firm as a whole. The firm also conducts a staff survey to identify anyEnergy saving mode is set on all photocopiers and printers, particular areas that may require improvement. The results of theand we have installed meters on photocopiers which staff survey are communicated across the firm. Carroll & ODeadiscourage wasteful photocopying. Our air conditioning shuts facilitates personal counselling when necessary through AccessEAP, adown after 6:00 pm on business days and remains switched private and confidential service to support and assist staff. Theoff over the weekend. Office lights are automatically switched diverse capability of our workforce is what positions Carroll & ODeaoff after 8:00 pm on business days and operate on a timed to deliver high quality, tailored services to our diverse range ofmanual system after 8:00 pm and over the weekend. As well, Clients. We recruit people from all background. We believe thatmotion activated sensor lighting is installed in our bathrooms. diversity encompasses different ethnicity, gender, language, age,We encourage our staff to reduce their use of office religion, socio-economic background, physical and mental ability,consumables and to recycle. Each staff member is provided experience and education. We offer regular internal & externalwith a recycling bin at their work area and we have placed leaning opportunities and mentoring programs. The firm provides alarge communal recycling bins throughout our offices, calendar of training sessions that run throughout the year for ourincluding in our kitchens. We encourage all our staff to adopt support staff to further develop and improve their skills. sustainable practices in the workplace and to share their ideas Carroll & ODea Lawyers with others.Headcount:235 (FTE)Floor Area:4,410m2Number of Offices : 6 For decades, Carroll & ODea LawyersGENDER35% 74% 85% 62% CLIMATE have been at the forefront of change. Over EQUALITY ACTIONthe years our work has helped give access to justice to ordinary and marginalisedINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES: Specify energy efficient appliancesEarth Hour Australians. Carroll & ODea Lawyers work International Womens DayEmployer of Choice for Gender EqualityPay Efficient building and lighting automationfor individuals and large and smallEquity AmbassadorHost or lead external programs and/or forumsFemale companies across many industries.advancement, mentoring and coachingGender sensitive promotion andGROSS EMISSIONSWhether we assist you with a workplacerecruitmentWomen on Boards 310t - 1.3t per employee dispute, property transaction, commercial advice, or a compensation claim, wellINCLUSIVE97% 0% 301tcomplete your work to the highest WORKPLACE BUILDINGS 97%standard.0.0m 27t/Our purpose, as a firm, is to make anINITIATIVES:0.70% 1.9%important difference to our clients, to our Internal D&I networks or committeesTraining - Awareness and unconscious biasTRAVEL 8.9tpeople and to our community through a Managing Partners Diversity Forum0 2.9%. 0 3t/e e epo ym lpositive and supportive environment.We do this by: FLEXIBLE90% CARBON0% WORKPLACE OFFSETS & providing access to justice RENEWABLESsolving complex legal problemsbeing responsive and innovative whenINITIATIVES:NET EMISSIONS Flexible work hoursPart time optionsJob sharingRemote working tools and faced with challenges systemsSupport for flexible workingTime in lieuUnpaid leaveCarers leave310t - 1.3t per employeeproviding a satisfying and rewarding Study leaveVolunteering leavePhased retirementBonus leave workplace for all making a Family and fertility leavecontribution to the community ENVIRONMENTAL As a firm, we bring together the firmsPSYCHOLOGICAL MANAGEMENTexperts, with their experience and WELLBEINGknowledge, and the firms resources toINITIATIVES: benefit our clients and our people.World Environment DayINITIATIVES:R U OK? programPsychological support/ EAPTraining - Mental health awareness and managementSalary continuanceExternal mental health programs hosting RECYCLING100% OFFICESPHYSICALWELLBEINGPAPERUSAGEINITIATIVES:Ergonomics programFlu vaccinationsTeam eventsMassagesWellnessINITIATIVES: awareness and promotionOnsite fruit and healthy cateringHealth EAPPaperlite office programPAPER CERTIFICATION:PEFC Australian Forestry standard'