b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE McInnes Wilson Lawyers is passionate about making a positiveOur lawyers offer an extensive range of pro bono legal advice to aMcInnes Wilson Lawyers Executive Management Committee difference to the environment. In supporting this passionnumber of organisations and individuals who may not otherwise beprovides leadership and governance to all external and and commitment, the firm has developed a sustainability actionable to afford premier legal assistance. As part of our Corporateinternal activities related to sustainability strategies, goals plan which aims to guide and support the firms sustainabilitySocial Responsibility program, the firm has a pro bono aspirationaland initiatives consistent with the firms strategic direction. agenda. The firms sustainability action plan is closely alignedtarget in which each lawyer volunteers weekly pro bono work toInternal governance consists of the CEO and Heads of to our core business strategy and provides a framework fordisadvantaged people and the not-for-profit sector. The firm is aDepartments strategic approach on sustainability issues, understanding and managing environmental impacts. Thesignatory to the National Pro Bono Aspirational Target. As part of thisworkforce development and professional standards, to following initiatives and programs have been executed:initiative, the firm provides training to lawyers in the provision of proprovide necessary support for creating and establishing Use of sensor lighting and technology to reduce our energybono legal services and reports annually to the National Pro Bonoappropriate processes that are important for achieving our consumptionResearch Centre on its activities and progress. Our involvement withstrategic objectives. Governance activities include systematic Server virtualisation technologySelf Representation Service is one way that this commitment isverification of the effectiveness of our quality management Teleconference equipment to reduce the need for traveldemonstrated. This Service aims to assist those who are self- system by undertaking internal and external audits and Weekly collection and recycling of paper, cans, plastics,represented in civil matters in the Supreme, District and Federalanalysing performance data, statutory and regulatory steel and aluminiumCourts. This also extends to the Queensland Civil and Administrativecommitments. Regular management reviews ensure that our Use of earth friendly cleaning products and consumableTribunal. Pro bono work is an important part of our professionalquality management system is adequate and effective, goodsresponsibilities and connection with the wider community. Intowards achieving our sustainability goals. Progress towards Recycling of toner cartridges and electronic waste addition, the firm is committed to sponsoring and cooperating withachieving these goals are benchmarked with key Use of recycled paper or sustainably sourced paperlocal, national and international charitable community groups.performance indicators. McInnes Wilson Lawyers ensures Electronic filing and automated work flow systemsSupreme, District and Federal Courts. This also extends to thethat our policies are understood, implemented and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.maintained throughout all levels of the firm through a variety McInnes Wilson Lawyers will continue to measure, monitor andof regular training, induction programs and electronic regularly review our sustainability initiatives in order to reportdistribution of our policy statements. on environmental performance. This will ensure we continue to achieve our primary goal of reducing carbon emissions.CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:TelecommutingSpecify energy efficient appliancesINITIATIVES:Teleconferencing facilities and trainingEarth Hour Reconciliation Action PlanCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC Week End of trip facilitiesEfficient building and lighting automation National Reconciliation WeekInternships and employmentPro bono supportVolunteering and secondmentsGROSS EMISSIONS225t - 0.68t per employeeNON LEGALSUSTAINABLE SUPPLY 0% 2.0%VOLUNTEERING %CHAIN MANAGEMENT192t85%INITIATIVES:NFP BoardsOrganised staff volunteeringPaid volunteer time 11.9% 2.2% 33tBlood donationsCommunity volunteering0 0 14.9%. 0 8t/e y e e . 0 2t/e y e e CHARITABLESUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: po pom l m l%Fair consumer and competition practicesGender equalityGIVINGModern Slavery0% 0%INITIATIVES:Firm donation programCharitable foundationWorkplace giving NET EMISSIONSInternal appeals and collectionsExternal charity events and appeals 225t - 0.68t per employeeHost external charity eventsENVIRONMENTALLEGALMANAGEMENTPRO BONOThese icons provide limited information about the INITIATIVES:firms legal pro bono commitment. More extensiveWorld Environment Day information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.Click for further RECYCLING100% 60% 20% 60% information from AusLSA: OFFICESPAPER16,216 100% USAGE 4 R9g/e e e cycled ntk mploy econt eINITIATIVES:Recycled paper purchase specificationPAPER CERTIFICATION:Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiedNCOS Certified Carbon NeutralOther CertificationsPEFC Australian Forestry standard125'