b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE To further our commitment to a sustainable future, we areWe provide non-legal support to local not-for-profit organisationsSparke Helmore is a national partnership and law firm. The currently undertaking the implementation of anand charities through our Community Program, as well as pro bonofirms governance arrangements are set out in a Partnership Environmental Management System with AusLSA.In thislegal advice through our Pro Bono Practice. The focus of theseDeed. The partners elect a Board responsible for the overall process we have updated our Environmental Policy, createdprograms is to have a positive impact on our local communities anddirection and strategy of the firm, and the Board in turn an Environmental Impacts Register and are currently finalisingbuild local connections. appoints a number of Board subcommittees to assist, our Environmental Management Plan.An EnvironmentalThrough our dedicated Pro Bono Practice, we provide free legalincluding the Audit and Risk Committee. The partners elect a Steering Committee and Environmental Working Group haveassistance to disadvantaged individuals, as well as eligible not-for- National Managing Partner (NMP) to manage the day to day been established to drive and monitor actions, and implementprofit and charitable organisations and social enterprises, allowingoperation of the partnership and the partnership business the initiatives identified in the Environmental Managementthem to extend on their capacity to make a difference. In FY22/23, weconsistent with the strategy and direction set by the Board. Plan.Local Green Committees will also be formed to driveprovided 16,427 hours of pro bono legal assistance. The NMP is advised by an Executive Committee which initiatives, educate and change behaviour at a local officeincludes National Practice Group Leaders. In addition, there level.The firms Environmental Management Plan focuses onPro bono legal work is highly valued by the firm and every lawyer isare local office managing partners and client relationship reducing our environmental footprint through reducingencouraged to participate in our Pro Bono Practice. In 2013, wepartners. The firm has policies and procedures in place to electricity consumption, paper consumption and waste tosigned up to the voluntary National Pro Bono Target of an average ofpromote good governance, including an enterprise risk landfill, and reviewing our supply chain policies and35 pro bono hours per lawyer, per year, which is a target we exceedmanagement framework, compliance programs, ethical procedures. each year. In FY22/23, we completed an average of 39.9 hours perbusiness practices (including fraud and corruption lawyer. management) and is advised by our Head of Internal Legal Through our Community Program, we provide donations, fundraisingand Risk. These measures aim to ensure good governance and volunteering opportunities for our staff. For many years now, ourprocesses and risk management are at the forefront of staff have enjoyed volunteering to make dinner for families througheveryday decision-making at all levels within the firm, and to the Meals from the Heart program at their local Ronald McDonaldassist mitigating potential fraudulent or corrupt business House chapter.practices.CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:TelecommutingGreen Star rated buildings 4-6 starEnergy efficientINITIATIVES: refits undertakenSpecify energy efficient appliancesTeleconferencing Reconciliation Action PlanCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC Week facilities and trainingPolicy on flight offsetsEarth HourEnd of National Reconciliation WeekPro bono supporttrip facilitiesNABERSs Energy RatingEfficient building and lighting automationRenewable ElectricityEnergy audits in previous two years NON LEGAL GROSS EMISSIONSVOLUNTEERING % SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY 660t - 0.81t per employee CHAIN MANAGEMENT0% 1.5% INITIATIVES: 330tNFP BoardsOrganised staff volunteeringPaid volunteer timeBlood 50% donationsStudent tutoring and mentoringSkilled volunteering programCommunity volunteering46% 0.89% 330t CHARITABLESUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: 0 0 50% %Human rightsEnvironmental impactsIndigenous inclusionGenderGIVING equality. 3 7t/e e e . 0 0 7t/e y e em l y mpo plo56% 0% INITIATIVES:Firm donation programWorkplace givingMatched fundingfor employee donationsInternal appeals and collectionsExternal charity events and appealsNET EMISSIONS LEGAL 660t - 0.81t per employeePRO BONOThese icons provide limited information about the ENVIRONMENTALfirms legal pro bono commitment. More extensiveMANAGEMENT information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.Click for further information from AusLSA:RECYCLING100% 100% 33% 67% OFFICESPAPER22,239 83% USAGE 2 R7 e tmploy e e ccont e nk g/e ycledINITIATIVES:Paperlite office programFollow me printingRecycled paper purchase specificationPAPER CERTIFICATION:Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiedNCOS Certified Carbon NeutralOther CertificationsPEFC Australian Forestry standard135'