b'Corporate sustainability reporting has entered a new phase Kyoko SasakiKyra Fabianke Kyoko Sasaki is a Doctoral Researcher & Research Affiliate at Monash UniversityKyra Fabianke is a Doctoral Researcher & Teaching Associate at Monash UniversityCORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY DISCLOSURE STANDARDS ANDTHE SDGS The proliferation of corporate sustainability Corporate sustainability reporting has entered areporting standards is converging, but it is unlikely new phase with the formation of the Internationalthat there will ever be a single global standard. The Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) andreason is the difference in materiality perspectives: enforcement of the Corporate Sustainabilitywhereas the ISSB (and AASB) relies on the single Reporting Directive (CSRD) in Europe. In Octobermateriality or financial materiality (the impact 2023, the Australian Accounting Standards Boardof social and environmental issues on companies (AASB) published the exposure drafts of thefinancial performance), the Global Reporting countrys mandatory reporting standards inspiredInitiative (GRI) standards and CSRD have adopted by the ISSB standards 1 . How will these mandatorydouble materiality, which also pay attention to companies impacts on society and the environment corporate sustainability reporting standards(impact materiality) 2 . Companies contributions influence companies actions toward the SDGs andto the SDGs are based on the impact materiality their reporting? Source: Guidelines on reporting climate-related information, European Commission, 2019. https://ec.europa.eu/finance/docs/policy/190618-36 climate-related-information-reporting-guidelines_en.pdf'