b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE DCC is committed to maintaining a healthy, engaged, and inclusiveDCC understands the importance of promoting sustainability workplace through the delivery of company-widewithin the workplace. initiatives with a particular focus on Diversity, Inclusion, andWe have available areas for recycling to encourage good Belonging. Working with senior management, our representativeenvironmental behaviours. We have been looking into more Committee supports our BE strategy and its vision To celebrate oursustainability lighting and understand replacing our current differences and connect us as a community where everybody feelslights with LED fittings will improve this and meet sustainability they belong. Now in its third year, the BE strategy has enabled us tostandards and reduce our power consumption dramatically. We commence programs to improve our approach to gender equity withhave enquired into government grants to assist us in upgrading our Gender Equity Action Plan, LGBTQI inclusion, well-being, andour office lighting, including sensor lights.respect in the workplace. DCC is a member of Diversity Council Australia and is recognised as an Inclusive Employer, havingWe are in the process of developing a clearer plan for our participated in the Inclusive Employer Index.To engage staff weworkplaces sustainability including a recycling program to have firm-wide town halls named Huddles and local and teamengage and educate staff as paper usage is high within our meetings.We use pulse surveys as a mechanism for our employeesindustry.to provide us with feedback and monitor engagement. DCC offers and promotes remote working for work life balance and in turn reduces commuter travel fuel emissions. We have looked into office plants to boost air quality, absorb pollutants and release oxygen back into the air. Our paper products are 100% recyclable throughout our offices, and are looking to change our office product suppliers to more ethical companies Davies Collison Cave with sustainable products and delivery packaging options. Our Business Support Services team will be at the forefront of Headcount:203 (FTE) developing, promoting and managing this initiative, with the support of our company leaders. This will be promoted via Floor Area:5,684m2 company huddles, intranet, and staff.Number of Offices : 4 GENDER26% 48% 90% 68% CLIMATEEQUALITY ACTIONDavies Collison Cave and Davies Collison INITIATIVES: Cave Law (collectively DCC) are one of theINITIATIVES: Green Star rated buildings 4-6 starNational Greenhouse and Energy largest, most-respected IP firms servicing International Womens DayLCA Diversity and Inclusion CharterHost or leadReporting (NGERs) compliant reportingEarth Hourlocal and international clients with all theirexternal programs and/or forumsInternal D&I networks or committees IP needs.Equal pay controls GROSS EMISSIONSWith offices in Australia, New Zealand,INCLUSIVE490t - 2.4t per employee Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and WORKPLACE 77% 0%with filing capabilities in many countriesBUILDINGS 379tthroughout the region, we assist in the77%0.0m 27t/creation, protection, andINITIATIVES: commercialisation of all facets of IP, as well Internal D&I networks or committeesMembership - DCATraining - Awareness0% 23%and unconscious biasStaff Surveys - D&IIDAHOBITWear it Purple Day112tas advising in general corporate and Gender pronouns promotionTrans Awareness WeekGender affirmation policy TRAVEL 23%commercial law issues. 0 . 5 5t/e e epo ym lOur principles of excellence throughFLEXIBLE12.0 2.0 100% CARBON0%collegiality and engaging leadership have WORKPLACEallowed us to attract the finest minds toOFFSETS & provide commercially focused advice andRENEWABLESexcellent service while becoming worldINITIATIVES: leaders in our respective fields.Flexible work hoursPart time optionsJob sharingRemote working tools andNET EMISSIONSsystemsSupport for flexible workingTime in lieuUnpaid leaveCarers leave490t - 2.4t per employee Study leaveVolunteering leaveReligious and ceremonial leavePurchased leaveSabbaticalsBonus leaveDomestic violence leavePSYCHOLOGICALENVIRONMENTALWELLBEINGMANAGEMENTINITIATIVES: World Environment DayINITIATIVES:R U OK? programPsychological support/ EAPMental health first aid training and supportDomestic violence strategyMental health office champion RECYCLING100%PHYSICAL OFFICES WELLBEINGPAPER INITIATIVES: USAGE Ergonomics programFlu vaccinationsTeam eventsMassagesWellness awareness and promotionOnsite fruit and healthy cateringHealth EAP INITIATIVES: PAPER CERTIFICATION:PEFC Australian Forestry standard'