b'MEMBER RESULTS 2023GovernanceGood organisational governance is critical a law firms effective delivery of sustainability policies and commitments. Sustainability Reportingchain programs in place or in development with Increasing demands for greater transparencyall these firms applying these standards to their on non-financial performance is permeatingexisting suppliers or when establishing new businesses around the world. As the level ofcontracts.stakeholder interest in sustainability performanceAmong the firms with sustainable supply chain increases, so does the demand for and scrutinyprograms, modern slavery considerations were of sustainability reporting. again the most popular with eighty-eight percent Despite the continuing interruptions to theirof firms including it in their procurement. The businesses and operations, disruption of recordother most popular elements were environmental access and competing operational priorities, thisissues which featured in eighty-five percent of year, ninety three percent of AusLSA membersthe firms procurement processes. The inclusion chose to participate in sustainability reporting,of First Nations people saw sixty-nine percent with ninety-five of these publicly providing theirof firms seeking goods and services from First sustainability report. However only forty sixNations suppliers.percent of member firms promoted their AusLSA- Risk Management and codes of conductForty-six percent of firms collected,ethical, and professional standards and riskRead theEproduced report on their own websites last year. A law firms code of conduct dictates social, communicated, and published additionalmanagement must identify the significantdetailed 2022 Csustainability reporting in 2023, and a furtherregulatory, financial and reputational risk of notGovernance Ncommon additional reporting has been ESGSpotlightAfive percent were preparing to do so. The mostmeeting sustainability expectations. reporting followed by the Carbon DisclosureNinety-seven percent of reporting firms havehere. NProject reporting, which is an increasinga specific code of conduct in place that dealsRwith ethics, including bribery, corruption, fraud,O Erequirement of many listed law clients. OtherV RISKworkplace bullying, and sexual harassmentUR Oreporting for external programs this year includes GMANAGEMENTClimate Active, Modern Slavery Statements, theand the remaining three percent are currently & CODESUN Global Compact, and the NSW Sustainabilityexpanding their codes to include all these Advantage program. components. Ninety-seven percent had a documented complaints and grievance Sustainable Procurementmechanism and all AusLSA members, except SUSTAINABLEThe largest portion of any organisationstwo, also provide specific training to partners and SUSTAINABILITY PROCUREMENTsustainability impact is hidden in those goodsemployees regarding their code. and services used as inputs for its business operations. Ninety-seven percent of firms have developedREPORTINGand operate a formal risk management plan that The uptake of sustainable supply chainis reviewed regularly by the leadership team and management has grown significantly this year.ninety percent also have a documented Business Eighty percent of firms had sustainable supplyContinuity Plan with two firms developing one.'