b'THE ROLE OF BUSINESS IN THEFurthermore only sixty-two percent feel that their SDGS industry is doing enough, and only half state that the private sector is doing enough.In the SDG Stocktake Report, business leaders indicated that their greatest contributions can be through: PRIORITIES FOR BUSINESS TO powering innovation (twenty-five percent) ADVANCE THE SDGScreating decent jobs (twenty-one percent) The UN Global Compact launched the global improving environmental stewardship (thirteenForward Faster initiative at the Private Sector percent) Forum in New York on 18 September 2023, during influencing global supply chains (twelvethe 78th session of the UN General Assembly. The percent). campaign aims to increase measurable, credible To date, contributions by the private sector haveand ambitious action from companies on the been both positive and negative. The privateSDGs.sectors greatest contribution to the SDGs has been through creating employment opportunitiesThe Forward Faster initiative focuses on five areas and advancing economic growth. However, thisof the SDGs where companies can make the growth has been achieved at unstustainable costsbiggest, fastest impact before 2030. They are:the private sectors most negative impacts are1.gender equality evident across climate, waste, water and nature.2.climate action Pioneering business leaders are already taking3.living wage action, focusing on integrating the SDGs into their4.finance & investment core business operations:5.water resilience.ninety-six percent of business leaders believeThe Australian business community was that the private sector plays a crucial role inrepresented at the global launch of Forward achieving the SDGs Faster by James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid seventy-nine percent have identified aTravel, who committed the business to targets on business case for at least one SDG Climate Action and Living Wage. We encourage seventy-eight percent have changed aall Australian businesses to commit to action and product or service to align to SDGs meet the targets required to deliver the SDGs However, the SDG Stocktake Report finds thatacross one or more of the areas of action.business leaders attention on the SDGs has fallenHistory has taught us that the leaders who succeed in recent years and that the private sector needsare the ones who meet the needs of the future by to step up. While nearly all (94%) business leadersmoving forward. To achieve the SDGs by 2030, we believe in the vision of the SDGs and ninety-sixneed forward thinkers, doers, builders, changers, percent believe that the private sector plays amovers, leaders. We must be more ambitious. We crucial role in achieving the SDGs, only half (49%)need to take action to move forward faster. Join us of them believe that the world will achieve theat: www.ForwardFaster.UNGlobalCompact.org SDGs by 2030. 35'