b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE Mullins is committed to identifying opportunities to reduceMullins Lawyers is committed to giving back to the community inAt Mullins Lawyers (Mullins) we recognise the crucial role that the environmental impact of its operations and implementingwhich we operate. We do this in several ways including providing progovernance and sustainability play in shaping a better future initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment.bono legal services, engaging local suppliers for goods and servicesfor our clients, employees, and the community in which we The firms actions are guided by a commitment to thewe purchase and supporting local charities and communities in need.operate. Our commitment to these principles is deeply Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) developed andOur Charities Committee oversees the firms formal charity activitiesingrained in our values and operations. As a result, we have adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Alignment to theand meets four times a year to identify opportunities to give back todeveloped a comprehensive approach to governance and SDGs supports us in both ensuring our sustainability policy isthe community. This includes selecting a yearly charity to support,sustainability that guides our priorities and actions.purpose-driven and reporting on our actions in language thatwhich is put forward by staff across the firm.The firms priorities have been focused on ethical and is consistent with a common global framework. transparent practices, diversity and inclusion, environmental In 2022 we commissioned a carbon audit of the firmsThroughout the year the firm encourages staff to participate inresponsibility, and community engagement. operations by Katestone Environmental Pty Ltd whichworkplace-based activities to support and raise funds for the selected provided a baseline on current greenhouse gas emissions andyearly charity, these activities include breakfast clubs, raffles, casualTo reinforce our commitment to these priorities, we energy consumption as well as informing carbon offset anddress days and chocolate box sales. These donations are presentedestablished robust guiding policies. Our Environmental, renewable energy decisions. This audit has informed our;to a charity representative at the Annual Christmas Day of Giving.Social and Governance Committee, comprising equity carbon reduction targets, carbon offset choices, energyIn addition to our selected annual charity, the firm supports a numberpartners, oversees the implementation and enforcement of reduction targets and renewable energy choices (noting theof national well-being and charity days during the year. Theour sustainability and governance policies. This committee building we occupy as a tenant has achieved a 6.0 starfundraising activities and internal presentations are led by theensures that our actions align with our values and are NABERS Energy rating (including GreenPower), a 4.0 starDiversity and Inclusion Committee.consistently integrated into our operations. Water rating, and a 3.5 star Waste rating. Our environmental initiatives include a net carbon emission target, paper lite program, staff education and support, carbon neutral firm travel target, comprehensive recycling program, social impact and opportunities, governance impact and working towards obtaining a Climate Active Certification.CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:TelecommutingGreen Star rated buildings 4-6 starNationalINITIATIVES: Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGERs) compliant reporting Cultural awareness trainingNAIDOC Week Teleconferencing facilities and trainingEarth HourEnd of trip facilitiesNABERSs Energy RatingEfficient building and lighting automationEnergy audits in previous two years NON LEGAL GROSS EMISSIONSVOLUNTEERING % SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY 178t - 1.9t per employee CHAIN MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES: 0% 0.16% 174tNFP BoardsOrganised staff volunteeringPaid volunteer time 98%Blood donationsCommunity volunteeringCHARITABLE 0.62% 1.5% 3.7tGIVING %0 0 2.1%. 0 1t/e y e e . 0 3t/e y e epo pom l m lINITIATIVES: 0% 0%Internal appeals and collectionsExternal charity events and appealsHost external charity eventsLEGAL NET EMISSIONSPRO BONO178t - 1.9t per employeeThese icons provide limited information about the firms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono ENVIRONMENTALCentre and on individual firms websites. MANAGEMENT Click for further information from AusLSA:INITIATIVES:World Environment DayRECYCLING100% 100% 100% 100% OFFICESPAPER3,913 0% USAGE 4 R2 e e ntk g/employ e cycled cont eINITIATIVES:Paperlite office programGreen accredited paper purchase specificationFollow me printingPAPER CERTIFICATION:Other CertificationsPEFC Australian Forestry standard131'