b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE Holding Redlich aims to improve our sustainability impact byThe three main components of Holding Redlichs community work areOur legal practice is governed by laws, regulations and the implementing achievable and practical programs and policiesits pro bono program, workplace giving program and Reconciliationcommon law. Our Client Commitment Charter outlines our to reduce our impact on the environment in all aspects of theAction Plan. The firms pro bono program is an integral part of itscommitment to provide high quality client service in all firms operations. Our firm-wide approach is led by ourwork and culture in fulfilling its commitment to human rights andinteractions with our clients without discrimination. Our Executive Committee and management team. social justice. The work performed through our pro bono programQuality Assurance Framework ensures we provide the covers a number of areas of law and groups of people, includinghighest quality and updated advice in order to meet risk refugees, First Nations peoples, women and youth at risk, eldermanagement requirements. Our Risk Management abuse, the arts, the environment, and charitable organisations. TheCommittee is responsible for managing the firms risk profile, Holding Redlich Social Justice Fund (workplace giving program)including the identification, assessment and prioritisation of receives individual contributions from partners and staff, with allthe firms strategic, legal and operational risks and key risk individual contributions being matched by the firm. The Fund makesindicators. Our Executive Committee and management team donations to our charity partners, and currently focuses onmanage the firms sustainability program and monitoring of supporting vulnerable young people, women experiencing familyour supply chain for risks related to modern slavery. Since violence and First Nations peoples. Holding Redlich recognises thatFY2019-2020 Holding Redlich has consolidated revenue of we have a responsibility to take genuine action to engage in and+$100M, requiring us to report on risks of modern slavery promote reconciliation. The firms Reflect RAP provided a frameworkwithin our operations and supply chains, and actions to for supporting the national reconciliation movement. We completedaddress them. We require all major suppliers to agree to our our Reflect RAP and are in the process of seeking endorsement forSupplier Code of Conduct. Our policies ensure our staff have our Innovate RAP. As a firm, we are committed to respecting cultures,safe and flexible working environments, with our Diversity building relationships and creating opportunities for First Nationsand Inclusion Committee encouraging a workplace where all peoples.our people feel included. We have been awarded by the Australian Governments Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality for the 15th consecutive year.CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:TelecommutingGreen Star rated buildings 4-6 starEnergy efficientINITIATIVES: refits undertakenTeleconferencing facilities and trainingEarth Hour Reconciliation Action PlanCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC WeekEnd of trip facilitiesNABERSs Energy RatingEfficient building and National Reconciliation WeekInternships and employmentScholarships and lighting automation student mentoringPro bono supportVolunteering and secondmentsCollaboration for reconciliationFunding and donationsGROSS EMISSIONS SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY 1,071t - 2.1t per employeeNON LEGAL CHAIN MANAGEMENT0% 0.24%VOLUNTEERING %715t67%INITIATIVES:NFP BoardsOrganised staff volunteeringBlood donations 32% 0.93% 356tCommunity volunteering33% SUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: 0 . 6 7t/e y e e 0 . 0 2t/e y e e CHARITABLEconsumer and competition practicesCommunity development m l m lHuman rightsEnvironmental impactsFair labour practicesFair po po GIVING 26%Indigenous inclusionGender equalityModern Slavery 0% 0%Diversity and InclusionFraud bribery & corruptionINITIATIVES:Firm donation programCharitable foundationWorkplace givingSUSTAINABILITY NET EMISSIONSMatched fundingfor employee donationsInternal appeals and collections REPORTING1,071t - 2.1t per employeeExternal charity events and appealsLEGAL RECYCLING100% 100% 100% 100%PRO BONO OFFICESThese icons provide limited information about the firms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.PAPER16,315 99% Click for furtherUSAGE 3 R information from AusLSA:2 k g/emploe e e cycled cone nty tINITIATIVES:Paperlite office programGreen accredited paper purchase specificationFollow me printingRecycled paper purchase specificationPAPER CERTIFICATION:PEFC Australian Forestry standard113'