b'Professor Jennifer BurnRights (UNGPs) and that they are genuinelyLawyers could think about setting up / joining accessible to affected people. a multi-stakeholder grievance mechanism ACTIONS FOR LAWYERS initiative with others in the legal sector.NATIONAL COMPENSATION Lawyers have a great opportunity to develop andSCHEMEadvance grievance mechanisms by prioritising three areas of activity. Anti-Slavery Australia needs your help! We have Law practicebeen advocating for a national compensation scheme for over a decade but there is a need for Review the grievance mechanisms that youmore of a push to get this over the line.currently have in place and consider whetherModern slavery involves violations of human they are aligned with the UNGPs. rights and exploitation of power. Modern slavery Consider the scope of the mechanismsareoffences are also serious crimes in Australia. they available to any people who could beYet there is no form of a national statutory redress adversely affected by actions of your legalscheme for survivors of modern slavery. Rather practice or business? This would includesurvivors must apply to the State and Territory staff, subcontractors, and some suppliers. Isvictims of crime schemes for recognition and the mechanism accessible? Have potentiallyfinancial compensation. The schemes are all affected people been consulted, made awaredifferent, there is no coordinated approach. of the policies and procedures, and receivedThe illogical effect of this is that if a person training on their use? experiences an identical form of modern slavery If there are gaps, consider developing anin each of the Australian states and territories action plan to address the gap and redraftand they apply for the benefit of the statutory the mechanism by allocating resources andcompensation scheme in the state where the ensuring that there is accountability for theharm took place, the outcomes will be different. administration of the policy.There are also differences in limitation periods, Engaging with others categories of harm compensable and payments made. In an emerging area lawyers could work withClearly there needs to be a national approach. For others in the profession to share knowledgemore information contact Jennifer Burn at Anti-and develop learnings. Slavery Australia. Jennifer.Burn@uts.edu.au'